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Memory Boot Camp

It doesn’t matter your age or your IQ, anyone can improve their memory. So whether you’re a 19- year old college student looking to gain an advantage in your classes or a 70-year old grandmother interested in learning a new language, then Memory Boot Camp is for you. Tony Buzan is the world’s leading expert on memory and the brain, and his hugely popular “mind maps” have helped people learn new information rapidly and retain it in their long-term memory. So if you’d like to instantly recall names, faces, numbers, lists, or even a brand new language, it’s never been easier or more effective. Loaded with short quizzes, exercises, and tricks to increase the depth and clarity of your memory, your brain can be ten years younger than you in a matter of days!


Product details
Author: Tony Buzan
Publisher: HarperCollins (1 June 2010)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780007363872


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