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Business Secrets Box Set (Collins Business Secrets)

Learn essential trade secrets from the best in business with this box set of ten Collins Business Secrets titles. The Collins Business Secrets series has established itself as vital resource for business people. Quick and easy to use, these guides let readers in on the tips and tricks that experts and top professionals use to reach and stay at the top. Collected together for the first time are ten titles from the series: ‘Communication’ by Carolyn Boyes, ‘Finance Basics’ by Stuart Warner, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Management’ by Michael Heath, ‘Marketing’ by Peter Spalton, ‘Negotiating’ by David Brown, ‘People Management’ by Rus Slater, ‘Presentations’ by Martin Manser, ‘Project Management’ by Matthew Bachelor and ‘Selling’ by Nick Constable. The ‘Business Secrets Box Set’ is the fastest way to get results and start maximising your business potential.


Product details
Author: Carolyn Boyes
Publisher: William Collins (2013)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780007554775
Paperback: 1280 pages

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